Childhood Vaccinations
Travel Vaccinations
Yellow Fever Authorised Centre
Flu Vaccine and Pneumonia Clinic
Chicken Pox

Health Screenings

Yearly Medicals/Executive Screening
Womans Health Screening
Men’s Health Screening
Diabetic Clinic
Chronic Care Managment
Cervical check
Drug testing
Ear syringing
Joint injections
24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring


General advice on travel and what vaccinations are required to travel to certain regions.  We also have a license with the department of health to provide Yellow Fever Vaccination

Skin Surgery

Removal of skin/lesions/cysts etc
Suture removal and dressings
Repair cuts and lacerations
Cryotherapy of suitable lesions

Employment & License Tests

Occupational Health
Pre employments
Private Medical Assurance
Life Insurance Medicals
Sports Medicals Boxing, Car Rally, Sub Aqua
Driving Test Medical including eye testing for provisional license

Women’s Health

We provide a comprehensive family planning advice and service

  • Contraceptive pills, patch, ring and injections
  • Implant insertion and removal
  • Intra Uterine devices, copper and hormonal IUD’s

Consulting re permanent solutions, Vasectomy/tubal Ligation

Emergency Contraception Pill and IUD

Your doctor will discuss the options best suited to you as not all are suitable for everybody

Menopause consultation and management
Sexual Health and Screening
Antenatal Care